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Reasons to Support a Local Artist

Updated: May 30

Whether you're looking for the perfect piece for your room or want to redecorate, chances are you've been considering what art to buy and where to buy it. One thing is certain: buying art from a local artist is immensely special!

Below are just a few of the many reasons why you should support a local artist!


One of the benefits of buying art from a local artist is that your art will be unique! Rather than overpaying for a generic, mass-produced piece of art from a retail store, put that money towards a beautifully unique piece.

Tip: Another bonus is that you may also be able to request custom orders from that artist!

Makes an Impact

When you buy directly from a local artist, your money isn't going to some CEO of a big box store. It's going to real people who dedicate their lives to their artwork.

Has Significance

Art always has meaning. And when you buy from a local artist, your piece has significance.

Art from a local artist also makes for an amazing gift! If you are on vacation, rather than grabbing a plastic souvenir, grabbing a piece of art from your destination will surely impress!

Whether you're in St. Lucia, or want to buy St. Lucian art, reach out to me, Alcina Nolley. From my studio in St. Lucia, I work with various mediums, including, but not limited to: oil, acrylic, digital, enamel, and jewelry making. For those in the area, I also teach jewelry making classes. For those who aren't near, I sell my colorful paintings and jewelry on my website- I am always happy to share a piece of the paradise that is St. Lucia. Fill out my contact form or email me, and we can begin discussing details.

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