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How to Give a Meaningful Gift

Everyone wants to give their loved ones the best gift they can. It can be hard when you're overwhelmed or unsure of how to go beyond the surface level of gift-giving. That's okay! Nobody is born knowing how to give thoughtful gifts- it's something that takes a bit of work.

With Valentine's Day coming up, what better time to go over the key steps in giving a meaningful gift? By the end of our blog, you will have no shortage of great ideas to make this Valentine's Day- or any holiday or birthday, truly special.

Consider Your Recipient

It's important to consider what your recipient likes beyond specific items. Pay attention when you talk or shop with them. They may not grab a specific item and say, "I love this, keep this in mind for my birthday," But rather, it may be them walking past an art display and mentioning how they love oil paintings. A great tip is to keep a list on your phone or in a notebook with the little things people mention. When it comes time to start buying gifts, you'll have an assortment of options to choose from!

Tip: Make sure you give yourself enough time to get gifts! We all can fall victim to "I'll do it tomorrow," but holidays and birthdays are not the time to procrastinate.

Go for Handmade

Going for a handmade gift instead of a mass-produced product is a fantastic way to ensure you give a unique gift. You also get the added benefit of supporting a local artisan. With your list of gift ideas in mind, you can begin your search for local artists, jewelry makers, and more.

Gift an Experience

Experiences make for some amazing and meaningful gifts. For example, if you are looking to give jewelry but aren't sure what type, you could give the experience of a jewelry-making class! Whether you tag along or the recipient goes solo, the experience will be memorable, and they will have a unique piece of handmade jewelry to remember it by.

Whether for birthdays, holidays, or even date nights, you truly can't go wrong with giving an experience or unique handmade gifts. When you want to truly dazzle with your gifts, reach out to me, Alcina Nolley. From my studio in St. Lucia, I work with various mediums, including, but not limited to: oil, acrylic, digital, enamel, and jewelry making. If you are located in, or visiting St. Lucia, I would love for you to view my art in my studio. For those in the area, I also teach jewelry making classes. For those who aren't near, I sell my colorful paintings and jewelry on my website- I am always happy to share a piece of the paradise that is St. Lucia.  

For those extra special moments, I offer custom orders. Fill out my contact form or email me, and we can begin discussing details.

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