My mother believed that “the idle mind is the playground for the devil” so she always kept my sisters and I busy. We were always making or repairing something. I remember sitting on the porch on Sunday afternoons doing embroidery on huck towels. I still use those towels today. I firmly believe handmade objects bring joy into one’s everyday life.

Recycling is more than a ‘buzz’ word for me. I reuse pill bottles and wine bottles, combining them with polymer clay or glass paints, to give them another life.

I love the depth of enamel on either copper or silver and use it to decorate containers, jewelry or to do paintings.

I keep experimenting with products I can make with my digital prints. Besides prints, I make note cards, refrigerator magnets, and books with my digital images.

Samples of My Craft Products

Each row below contains four examples of each category of craft. Click on any image to enlarge…