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Day of Plein Air Painting

A week ago 6 of us went down to Anse La Raye for a day of painting. About 1:00 there was a downpour, but most of us had a substantial version of the scene by that time. We were on a hill that has a scenic look out to the fishing village. I was attracted to one of the shelters used by vendors selling wares to tourists. A group of rocks at my feet also caught my attention. Both are 9×12, oil on canvas.


I’m back home after three weeks in the US visiting family.This photo is in Hyattsville, MD. As beautiful as the weather was, I ended up spending a week in the hospital with pneumonia. So, now that Im home, I’m trying to relax and take it easy. Have to get my tax return turned in a few days though…..

Merry Christmas Everybody

Here’s hoping you and your families experience all the joys of Christmas that will carry through to a healthy, prosperous 2010.

Two days of jewelry making

My four students and I had a great two days this past weekend. I had a hard time picking which pieces to show off on the blog. They used every bit of their 50 grams of fine silver to magnificent ends. They had a chance to set a stone, incorporate glass, make a hollow piece, make a ring, stamp textures and use leaves for imaging, You’re invited to join in on the next class!


There is finally a break in the weather. Nice sunny days, perfect for tennis or the beach. Perfect day for watching birds in the court yard as my dog, Terrie Tu, is doing. I think I have all of the links and data on my web site correct. Now you can see all the art and crafts that are available as well as the two cottages that are available for vacation rentals. Now I can get back to creating at my work table.


I have spent the last 5 days trying to get my web site back up. It seems that my host has dropped off the face of the earth and took my web site with them. So 5 days of reading and an outlay of money has finally gotten the site visible again. But I see a few things I will have to tweek in the coming days. See you later.   *UPDATE* I have since signed on with a new host, and have this beautiful new responsive website.

I’m baaaaack….

I spent two weeks in the States. I was very glad to come home. When you are used to being busy, it is hard to sit still. There was nothing to do there but eat. I can’t afford the extra pounds. We did take advantage of the tennis court at the condo complex. We played every other day. It was nice to experience Spring though. Cherry blossoms, forsythia, daffodils, robins, and squirrels were all there to enjoy. For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures. So no picture for this post.

A Visit to Reunion


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My husband and I went down to Reunion, near Choisuel, to congratulate our friend Daniel Jean- Baptiste on his new gallery. Daniel has renovated the family plantation homestead into a show case for his paintings on silk. So people, there will soon be another venue in which to purchased quality art in St. Lucia. See more of Daniel’s work here: