National Drawing Day


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In honor of National Drawing Day, I took a little time to sit at my desk and doodle. This is done in Corel Painter X with my new Bamboo Pen and Pad. It’s just a study in grey. Happy drawing everyone!


Jewelry Class – Note

Class will start at 9 am and continue until 4 or 5 on both days, June 20 & 21. You’ll find that once you get started, you don’t want to stop. There are four students signed up for the class. one seat left. Anyone else will be shifted to the next weekend. Looking forward to meeting new students and guiding past students to new heights.

Jewelry Classes

June 20 & 21 are the days ( Sat. and Sun.) I will be teaching silver jewelry classes. You will be making pieces similar to the ones above. All materials are included. Please bring your lunch and drink. The silver will be in the form of silver metal clay. It is finely ground silver mixed with a natural substance that makes it malleable like clay. It can be molded, rolled, cut , stamped, carved and manipulated in many ways. After your design dries, it is fired in a kiln. The binder burns off , resulting in pure silver jewelry. It may then be polished and colored like conventional silver. Your objects will be embellished with cubic zirconium gems, beads, jump rings, enamel and cords. The cost is $500 EC or $187 US for two days. We will cover: 1.How to manipulate the silver clay 2.How to combine layers of silver clay 3.How to close seams 4.How to make a hollow object 5.How to enamel on the silver clay 6.How to texture the silver clay 7.How to set stones 8.How to make a clasp When you sign up I will give you directions to my studio.

A Warning

I just finished this pendant. It has a small piece of dichroic glass set into textured fine silver. One thing I noticed after it was fired, was the back plate shrank and is now recessed and shorter than the point. That’s because the glass kept the silver ‘V’ from shrinking. Keep this in mind when executing designs in the future.


There is finally a break in the weather. Nice sunny days, perfect for tennis or the beach. Perfect day for watching birds in the court yard as my dog, Terrie Tu, is doing. I think I have all of the links and data on my web site correct. Now you can see all the art and crafts that are available as well as the two cottages that are available for vacation rentals. Now I can get back to creating at my work table.


I have spent the last 5 days trying to get my web site back up. It seems that my host has dropped off the face of the earth and took my web site with them. So 5 days of reading and an outlay of money has finally gotten the site visible again. But I see a few things I will have to tweek in the coming days. See you later.   *UPDATE* I have since signed on with a new host, and have this beautiful new responsive website.

Carnelians Anyone?

These tow pieces are the result of three days work. The amphorra has a screw in knob, so anything put in it is safe. When you’re not in the mood for the little fine silver bottle, you can detach it and wear the carnelian and silver chain by itself. A double duty piece. The earrings were made because I had left over beaded chain link units.

New media, new product

Bronze clay and copper clay have joined the arsenal of the crafter and jeweler. This is the bronze clay made into the finial of a book mark. My copper clay experiment pendant was enhanced with enamel. Many possibilities on the horizon with these two metal clays.

Jewelry making classes in June

June looks like a good month to have jewelry classes. I teach you how to make beautiful fine silver jewelry from the new exciting material of silver clay. See the examples above. If you are interested, please email me with the two or three days that would work for you. You will make two pieces in a one day class and four pieces in a three day class. All silver metal clay and tools will be included. Bring lunch.

I’m baaaaack….

I spent two weeks in the States. I was very glad to come home. When you are used to being busy, it is hard to sit still. There was nothing to do there but eat. I can’t afford the extra pounds. We did take advantage of the tennis court at the condo complex. We played every other day. It was nice to experience Spring though. Cherry blossoms, forsythia, daffodils, robins, and squirrels were all there to enjoy. For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures. So no picture for this post.