A Little About Me

I am supposed to be retired. I stopped teaching in the schools a few years ago, only to find myself  busier than ever, keeping up with the high learning curve that my new found medium of digital  painting necessitates. Technology is forever changing, but I love it.
My son gave me my first computer with Painter 2 on it. I was delighted at how easy and intuitive it  was to use this program. About at the same time, an artist friend started making hand made paper from local vegetation, like banana leaves, flowers and grasses. I loved the natural and recycled paper that she was producing, so naturally, I started printing my digital images on this paper.
My island home inspires my images. St. Lucia is a place most people of the world can only visit and fall in love with. I am lucky to live full time in this peaceful paradise. It enriches my life with it’s charm. Everywhere I turn, there is a scene worthy of recording.
I still use the traditional art materials of oils, acrylics and watercolors, as well as the fine crafts of  jewelry and enameling. My degree was obtained at State University of New York at Buffalo. I’ve traveled to many places with my husband (US Marine Corps Major, retired) and we now have settled in the tropics.
Our two children Melanie & Tony (above) are artists, living and working in California.
I would be delighted to hear your reaction to my work.